Cavity Wall Insulation Claims

Is your home one of the thousands across the UK that has been affected by poor cavity insulation? Causing damage to the property or your health? Find out if cavity wall insulation claims can help you get compensation

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Cavity Wall Insulation And Why You Can Claim?

Cavity wall insulation was installed in millions of homes across the UK and homeowners were under the impression this would save them £1,000s each year on energy bills. But what happened was a lot of rouge company’s jumped on the bandwagon and were completing up to 3 insulation jobs a day when it should of took a day to do one.

Due to a lack of workmanship a lot of properties began to experience mould, damp and condensation which affected the properties value but more importantly the inhabitants health.

Many people were given 25 year cavity certificates from a cavity insulation guarantee agency ensuring energy efficiency. A lot of energy supplier ran campaigns for free cavity wall in the insulation industry.  

We can also help with cavity wall extraction

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Am I Eligible To Claim?

Your eligible to make a claim if you feel like you meet one of the below reasons. If you Think cavity claim? These are the main reasons but there is other reasons you could be able to claim if so feel to get in touch. people claim for a lot of things such as mis sold sipps.

Your property smells damp

Your property has damp patches

Your property gets excessive condensation

Your property has rotten woodwork

Your property has blocked air vents

You’ve had to decorate to hide any problems

You or a family member have suffered worsened health problems such as asthma or breathing problems

You’ve noticed mould on furniture or clothing

How To Spot These Problems?

We have put together a list for you so you can work out how to spot these signs of damp problems, mold and signs to see if your cavity walls are energy efficiency.


• Changes in plaster up to 1 metre above floor height.

• A musty odour

• Discolouration of walls and ceilings (especially at, or near, floor level and joists)

• Surfaces of walls, ceilings or floors that feel very cold or damp.

• Excessive levels of condensation on windows.

• Wallpaper that’s ‘lifting’.

• A generally chilly or damp feeling.

• Mould build-up and other fungal growths.

• Damp floor tiles.

• If you’ve loft access, check the underside of insulation.

• Algae and mould on external walls

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How To Spot Blocked Air Vents
  • If you look into the air vents and you can see that there is a substance filling it then this is a sign there blocked.
  • You will see water droplets on your windows.
Rotten Woodwork 
  • Initaily fungus will apear and it will show as an off white felt or cotton wool and will show as sheets on brickwork and timber and can delvop to to fungus strands which are as thick as your finger, if exposed to light it will show a yellow colour.        


  • Its normally the timber which take the damage but mushroom shape bodies can grow through furnishings and produce multiple sores. Damage is often confined to timber but large flat mushroom-like fruiting bodies can easily grow through finishes such as plaster or paint. These fruiting bodies may be the first visible sign of a problem, and they produce numerous spores which are normally brick-red in colour.
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